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Our mother passed away very peacefully in June 2022. We were all knocked sideways and needed to know we would be placing her care into the hands of somebody who would respect mum’s wishes and look after all the arrangements appropriately.

A friend recommended Suzanne Bairstow as someone able to look after things for us, and thank heavens they did!!

Suzanne and Carl took a massive weight from our shoulders and created a very lovely day for us all.

All through the process of arranging the woodland burial, Suzanne was a 24hr reassuring shoulder to lean on who became a friend we all relied on to make mum’s day exactly how she wanted it.

Suzanne and Carl took care of every little detail from caring for mum to ensuring the correct brand of gin was offered to us at the graveside to toast mum as she had instructed.

I can’t thank them enough for what they did for us.

Many people present at the burial also commented on how they would be happy to entrust Suzanne and Carl in looking after them when they “drop off their twig” and I agree.

I wish Suzanne and Carl all the very best….x


Jim Singleton

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