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Brocklands Woodland Burial

The concept of natural burial is a simple one:

“Let our demise not in any way damage or deplete the earth’s resources, but rather let it make a positive contribution to the natural cycle of life”.

There is an increasing realisation in our society that we should live our lives n such a way as to minimise the impact we have on our crowded planet, and natural burial allows us to extend this idea into the process of dying and disposal of our remains.

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At Brocklands, one of the pioneering first generation ‘green burial sites’, we have been pursuing and promoting this ethos since the year 2000, by providing burials for people from all walks of life in a completely natural way. This means nothing artificial is put onto or into the ground; native trees and wildflowers are planted on the graves and the area, originally open grassland, is now slowly evolving into burgeoning new woodland.

The site, peaceful and secluded, yet open and accessible, nestles on the side of the gentle glacier carved Ribble valley. It consists of pastureland that has been farmed by the same family for over 200 years, sheltered by mature oak and sycamore to the west and to the east bordered by a beck, lined with alter and hawthorn. To create a wood in this open space is a long term process, one of evolution more than creation. The main tree planting does not take place all at once, but rather as the burials occur, which may be sporadic and spread over many years. Consequently, the ecology of the sire requires a careful and flexible approach to allow for this slow transition.


In the first 15 years of its existence over 300 burials have taken place and the small woodland is starting to become apparent, with its attendant change in habitat and increasing wildlife activity. Thus, Brocklands embraces the theme of ‘life from death’ and serves as a living memory to those buried there.


To find out further information about Brocklands Woodland Burial, please visit their website.

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